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Full Stack Blockchain Engineer

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Hi there.
I have been specialized in blockchain development for 5 years(100+ projects done so far) and have experience in full stack web development for 7 years.
* Portfolio:
My special services are:
1) Smart contract development in Ethereum & EVMs like Binance, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, Solana.
- Writing / Auditing Smart contract with solidity and unit test / deploy / verify / analyzing with hardhat, truffle, Remix.
- Great expertise about ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155 openzepline libs and standards
- DeFi protocols: staking / vesting / yield farming, liquidity pool, crypto exchange, cross-chain-bridge and DEX router SDKs like uniswap, pancakeswap, spookyswap, sushiswap.
- NFT marketplace, NFT minting / staking on all EVM chains
- Lottery / Raffle /Auction

2) Dapp development in frontend / backend / web3 / API integrations
special langs: React.js, Next.js, Node.js, Express.js, Typescript, web3 / ethers.js, TailwindCSS, ABI / json and DB programming languages like MySQL, Postgresql, subgraph and webpack, Restful API

I am always focusing on development, maintenance, problem-solving and team work collaboration
If you have any blockchain jobs or need version up, and interested in me, feel free update me please.

All the Best!