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  • Spain
  • 5 years+ experience


Hi there! I'm a [JOB_ROLE] with [X] years of professional experience based in [LOCATION]. Previously I've worked as a [JOB_ROLE] at [COMPANIES] and... I'm an expert at [SKILLS] and have significant experience using [TECHNOLOGIES]. I've worked on various Blockchain projects [IN MY SPARE TIME or PROFESSIONALLY]. For example I created a [SMART CONTRACT WHICH ...]. I'm currently looking for a [PART TIME / FULL TIME / FREELANCER] as a [JOB_ROLE]. If you're interested in working together, please contact me.

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  • Iran
  • 5 years+ experience

Smart Contract Engineer

I am a smart contract expert with 16 years of self taught experience in the web development. I started my part time job in 2011. I have designed UIs, coded SEO-centered FE/BE apps and deployed more than fifteen websites, from small businesses to company websites. Before this job, I was working on the football team fans page, Vbulletin Hacks, Weblog themes and Chatbots. 2016 May I joined Ronak software Group as full time web developer and there I've been worked on some projects including Nested and River with related auxiliary apps like app store and admin panel. At 2017 I got familiar with blockchain. I built my own mining farm and managed it remotely by microcomputers and there was my first experience with blockchain APIs and services. Thanks to the scam projects which made me deep dive into the Solidity to understand projects. I believe Ethereum beside it's scaling solutions are incredible platform for building decentralized applications. In my free time, in addition to sports, cooking or playing video games, I research on security topics. Following web3 communities on twitter is also one of my favorites. I like the connections and the things help the people connect each other.

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  • United States
  • 5 years+ experience

Creative & Enthusiastic Web3 Full-stack Engineer | Professional with JavaScript/TypeScript/React/Python

* Feedback from clients... - Takeo is an amazing developer who's extremely dedicated to his job. His robust knowledge of web3 & web2 programming, along with his passion for problem-solving was impressive, to say the least. Takeo helped in developing complex scripts to help us generate metadata & art for RatDAO. His patience and problem-solving skills also shined through in the smart contract development of our NFT mint. Takeo helped us launch a smooth, pain-free mint with zero hiccups. Aside from the smart contract development, Takeo's support along the way was great. He went above and beyond for us when we needed it. I knew I could always count on him for help when brainstorming new ideas, fixing bugs, and additional smart contract development. - Takeo was the incredibly talented dev for our 'just for fun' NFT Project, SOL Summer. Takeo is incredibly smart and on top of current happenings. Whenever we ran into a sticky moment, Takeo troubleshot the issues and came up with strong solutions. I look forward to working with Takeo again soon, and you'll be lucky if you work with him too! - Takeo was very professional and amazing to work with. He was very detailed and saw the project through to the end. Very knowledgeable w/ Rust and Candy machine! Really appreciate Philip's assistance with our project! - Takeo and I worked on an NFT project, actually a gaming & metaverse ecosystem. He is a great developer. I recommend him. Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. Regards, Takeo

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  • India
  • 2-5 years experience


Allow me to you through my profile and experience. I have more than 7 years of experience in blockchain software and developing various smart contracts using solidify software. Started working on blockchain software at late 2011.

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