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I am a smart contract expert with 16 years of self taught experience in the web development. I started my part time job in 2011. I have
designed UIs, coded SEO-centered FE/BE apps and deployed more than fifteen websites, from small businesses to company websites.
Before this job, I was working on the football team fans page, Vbulletin Hacks, Weblog themes and Chatbots.
2016 May I joined Ronak software Group as full time web developer and there I've been worked on some projects including Nested
and River with related auxiliary apps like app store and admin panel. At 2017 I got familiar with blockchain. I built my own mining farm
and managed it remotely by microcomputers and there was my first experience with blockchain APIs and services. Thanks to the scam
projects which made me deep dive into the Solidity to understand projects. I believe Ethereum beside it's scaling solutions are
incredible platform for building decentralized applications.
In my free time, in addition to sports, cooking or playing video games, I research on security topics. Following web3 communities on
twitter is also one of my favorites. I like the connections and the things help the people connect each other.