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  • China
  • 5 years+ experience

More decentralized scheme

Hi there! I'm a Blockchain Development Engineer with three years of professional experience based in china. Previously I've worked as a Blockchain Development Engineer at startup company。 I'm an expert at Blockchain and have significant experience using solidity, node.js and golang. I've worked on various Blockchain projects IN MY PROFESSIONALLY. For example I created a uniswapv2 , nft, gamefi, erc20 I'm currently looking for a [PART TIME/ FREELANCER] as a Blockchain Development Engineer. If you're interested in working together, please contact me.

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  • India
  • 5 years+ experience

Full-time blockchain dev with over 4+ years experience

In my previous capacity as a Co-founder @ParakeetDAO, I was the lead blockchain developer writing smart contracts with security as priority. I was responsible for integrating various EVM based chains to the bridging contract which enable any ERC721 NFT to be bridged across 7 chains (Ethereum, AVAX, Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon, BSC and Fantom). I also acted as the liaison between the external audit team and the other internal developers and UI team. I have also worked as core contributor to the Ethereum foundation primarily focussed on optimising and developing smart contracts and EIPs on top ERC20/721/1155 and other major standards. Before getting into web3 world, I was working as a senior software developer with iontrading (iongroup.com), building trading software solutions for top investment banks around the globe. From my 2-year stint at ION, I learned a lot about traditional finance.

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  • Poland
  • 5 years+ experience

Senior Blockchain Developer with 4+ years of experience in DApps using Web3 and Smart Contract development with Solidity and Rust.

Senior Blockchain Developer with 4+ years of experience in DApps using Web3 and Smart Contract development with Solidity and Rust. Hands-on experience in cross-chain protocol development between EVM and Non-EVM chains using LayerZero and proficiency in NFT game and Defi, DEX development. Strong knowledge of Cryptography(Encryption and Decryption) using symmetric and asymmetric algorithms, hash functions, Digital Signatures and Zero-Knowledge proof (ZKP) protocol. Interested in writing code that is reusable and scalable, following modern coding best practices and proficient in TDD/BDD. I'm currently looking for a [PART TIME / FULL TIME / FREELANCER] as a Blockchain Developer. If you're interested in working together, please contact me.

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  • Pakistan
  • 5 years+ experience

Full Stack Developer | Javascript | Python | Solidity | Rust | Plutus

Full stack developer (MERN and Python), experienced in Blockchain(Solidity,Rust, Plutus) Passing Knowledge of Machine Learning and Statistics . Team player with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Ability and experience in working in high pressure environments and solving complex problems. Experienced in working with the MERN stack. Solid understanding of MongoDB, React and Node. Including advanced state management libraries such as MobX and Redux. Also experienced with Redis and mongoose ORM as well Experience in writing smart contracts on Ethereum and other EVM compliant chains (for e.g Polygon,BSC,Avalanche etc) in solidity and a solid understanding of the web3 protocol and integrating DAPPs with it. Additionally also experienced with building DAPPs on the Cardano Blockchain via Plutus

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  • Canada
  • 5 years+ experience

Responsible Backend Developer at NF3X

Hi Building perfect results for my clients is my pride and my role as a developer who has over 5 years in software engineering. At the moment, I am now working as Backend Developer at NF3X which is based in Singapore. If you just search NF3X in google, you can find that NF3X is the first NFT-NFT Crosschainswap and NFT-NFT brokering platform supporting multiple EVM blockchains And also my major skills are - Javascript/Typescript - Node.js, Nest.js, Express.js - Golang - AWS, GCP - Postgres - Mongodb Thank you for your time. Oliver Lim

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