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  • Spain
  • 2-5 years experience

Data Engineer passionate about blockchain technology

Hi there! I'm a Data Engineer with 2 years of professional experience based in Spain. Previously I've worked as a Data Engineer at NTT DATA Spain Centers and BI Developer at cdmon. I'm an expert at developing and mantaining ETLs, Datawarehouses and Datalakes, identifying and improving KPIs and have significant experience using Python, SQL, Apache Airflow, Bash, Git and JIRA. I've never worked on real Blockchain projects but in my spare time I've learned about blockchain fundamentals, Solidity, ERC tokens, Hardhat, Truffle or web3.js. I'm currently looking for a full-time job as a Data Engineer. If you're interested in working together, please contact me.

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  • United Kingdom
  • 5 years+ experience

Data & Platform engineer with experience in adTech, web3 and Gaming

With a seasoned track record spanning 15 years, I've led engineering efforts in diverse sectors such as adTech, web3, gaming, and energy, serving in executive roles like CTO and Head of Engineering for powerhouses like Shell, indiGG, Wood Mackenzie, Disney, and Vibrant Media. As a UK-based Principal Engineer, my core expertise lies in Cloud, Data & Platform engineering, and Blockchain development, wielding proficiency in Python, Rust, Solidity, Golang, and NodeJS. My portfolio boasts of enterprise ledgers for supply chains, data analytics for web3 trading and gaming projects, and deployment of DAO and gaming smart contracts. I am currently seeking a Principal/Head of Engineering position, contract or permanent.

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  • Netherlands
  • 2-5 years experience

Research Engineer with TypeScript, Java, and Python as main languages | MSc. in Artificial Intelligence

Andrei holds a MSc degree in Artificial Intelligence from the Utrecht University, Utrecht (2019), and a BSc degree from the Free University of Bolzano, Bolzano (2017). During his studies he worked as a research assistant the Free University of Bolzano, and Fraunhofer Italia. Later he explored machine learning techniques to learn heuristics towards solving constraint satisfaction problems at TUGraz, and worked on decentralised knowledge graphs at the University of Ghent. Andrei’s general research interests lie in hybrid (symbolic and sub-symbolic) AI decision making methods, reasoning, knowledge representation, recommender systems, and reinforcement learning. His current research concerns reasoning on decentralised knowledge graphs.

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  • Spain
  • 5 years+ experience

Data engineer with 2 years of experience in a web3 scaleup (Raised 10M$)

Leveraging my master's degree in computer science and numerous years of experience in the business intelligence (BI) domain across varied sectors such as blockchain, retail, human resources, and banking, I specialize in the design of BI solutions and data analysis. My advanced data manipulation end engineering skills and proficiency in Python position me as a versatile expert across all data-related fields. In my current role at a leading company in fine art within the web3 space (Leveraged +10 Millions of $), I have implemented a complete data architecture that analyzes blockchain datas but also socials datas (and merge web2/web2 infos). This enables our marketing, product, and operations teams to access the necessary KPIs to efficiently run our marketplace.

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