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  • Nigeria
  • 5 years+ experience

A self motivated and Passionate web3 Frontend Engineer

Hi there! I'm a Front End Engineer with 4+ years of professional experience based in Abuja, Nigeria. Previously I've worked as a Front End Engineer at Glitter Finance, A Web3 and Defi Company transforming the Bridging Space. I'm an expert at working with frontend tooling and libraries like React, Next js and as well jquery. I am experience in using Web bundling Webpack and babel libraries. For testing I use jest and the react testing libraries. While having a bulk of experience in the frontend I have also backend experience in Node js and Express for server side tools. I've worked on various Blockchain projects both Professional and as Side Projects. I'm currently looking for a Part Time, Full Time, Freelancer as a Front End Engineer. If you're interested in working together, please contact me.

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  • South Africa
  • 0-2 years experience

I'm a solidity developer that loves to explore the world of web3 and challenge myself to build great projects of value.

Hi there! I'm a Solidity developer with and have been working in Web3 since April. I am based in Pretoria, South Africa. I'm open to relocating should the opportunity meet my financial needs. Previously I've worked as a smart-contract auditor at a P2E gaming platform that is currently planning its launch and I currently am assisting some developers in building an African NFT marketplace. I'm an expert at writing smart contracts and using hardhat to test and deploy them. I also have significant experience using Nextjs, Solidity, Hardhat, Node.js, Ethers.js. Some of the blockchain projects I've done in my spare time include a simple DEX exnchange, an NFT Marketplace, a DAO, an ICO and a few more. I have also participated in the Ethglobal hackathon and built a charity Gofundme type platform using Web3 tools. I'm currently looking for a Part-time, or Full-time role as a solidity developer. If you're interested in working together, please contact me.

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  • Vietnam
  • 5 years+ experience

Senior FullStack Engineer

Hi there! I'm a Blockchain and web fullstack engineer with 5+ years of professional experience based in Vietnam. Previously, I've worked as a senior Blockchain engineer at Rubyswap, Bidify and web fullstack engineer at Xion Company. I'm an expert at Solidity, Rust, Go, Solana, React, Angular, Vue, C/C++, JavaScript and have significant experience using frontend . I've worked on various Blockchain projects. I'm currently looking for a [PART TIME / FULL TIME / FREELANCER] as a blockchain and web fullstack position. If you're interested in working together, please contact me.

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  • Pakistan
  • 5 years+ experience

All rounder Sr. Blockchain Developer

Hi there! I'm a Syed Zain Hasan with 5 years of professional experience based in Zaytrics Pvt Ltd. I'm an expert at smart contract, tokenization, Cardano, Ethereum, Polygon, FLow, and have significant experience using react and nodejs. I've worked on various Blockchain projects PROFESSIONALLY. For example I created the whole eco-system of True Crime Crypto (https://truecrimecrypto.io/) and ViseClub (https://viseclub.visewealth.com/) with other members of the team. I was the team lead in those projects, also I designed and deployed the smart contracts and the system architecture. I'm currently looking for a FULL TIME / FREELANCER as a Sr. Blockchain Developer. If you're interested in working together, please contact me.

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  • Japan
  • 5 years+ experience

Full stack developer focused on blockchain

As a full stack developer, I have experience of web development for 9+ years and 3+ years of blockchain development. I have done many projects for social networking, e-commerce, and Blockchain projects. During development, I have more than 42 happy customers and built more than 89 large and small projects. Recently, I has built several blockchain projects such as DEFI, Token Swap Tool, P2E Games, NFT Minting page and NFT Marketplace. If you have a good idea to start or grow a business, I can implement it successfully. If you need, you can contact anytime with me and discuss about projects. Cheers.

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