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  • Kenya
  • 5 years+ experience

I am a data analytics professional with 16 years’ experience in providing analytics solutions to businesses.

I am a data analytics professional with 16 years’ experience in providing analytics solutions to businesses. I assist businesses in performing, strategizing and optimizing processes and activities around data management. My work involves mining and analysing data but most importantly producing insights and recommendations to key stakeholders within the business. The data-driven information and insights that I have provided to businesses are a key factor in steering decisions on several domains including revenue maximization, cost optimisation, revenue leakages, fraud prevention, pricing and customer behaviour.

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  • Australia
  • 2-5 years experience

Data Analyst | SQL | Python | Power BI | Excel | Tableau | Dune

I am Vi and I am a experienced Data Analyst based in Australia with 6 year experience in extracting and analyzing data into actionable recommendations. I have got 3 years exploring blockchain technology and cryptocurrency industry as a passionate user and researcher. My research includes DeFi, NFT, dApps, cross-chain wallets, on-chain data, new algorithms. I would like to have a position to practice more on my analytical skills and enhance my in-depth knowledge in the space. I am able to work independently and in a team across regions. Please contact to discuss more about what you need and how I can involve.

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  • Kenya
  • 0-2 years experience

Passionate Web3 Analyst with Expertise in Data Interpretation and Blockchain Solutions

Greetings! I'm Rose Kamau, a seasoned data analyst with one year of professional experience, currently based in Nairobi Kenya. Throughout my career, I've successfully undertaken the role of a data analyst and honed my expertise in web3 analysis. In addition to my professional endeavors, I've dedicated my spare time to exploring the realms of Blockchain projects. Armed with proficiency in Python and SQL programming language and adept at utilizing cutting-edge tools like Dune analytics, I am actively seeking REMOTE entry-level opportunities for a part-time, full-time, or freelancer position as a web3 data analyst. If you're interested in collaborating, please feel free to reach out.

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  • Nigeria
  • 5 years+ experience


Hi there! I'm a [JOB_ROLE] with [X] years of professional experience based in [LOCATION]. Previously I've worked as a [JOB_ROLE] at [COMPANIES] and... I'm an expert at [SKILLS] and have significant experience using [TECHNOLOGIES]. I've worked on various Blockchain projects [IN MY SPARE TIME or PROFESSIONALLY]. For example I created a [SMART CONTRACT WHICH ...]. I'm currently looking for a [PART TIME / FULL TIME / FREELANCER] as a [JOB_ROLE]. If you're interested in working together, please contact me.

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  • Spain
  • 2-5 years experience

Professional Web3 Data/Research Analyst

Hi there! I'm a Web3 Data/Research Analyst with over 3 years of professional experience based in Valencia, Spain. Previously, I've worked as a Web3 Investment Analyst at 3X Capital, a Web3/NFT Research Consultant, and a Web3/DeFi Research Analyst, honing my skills in blockchain technology, investment analysis, and market research. I'm an expert at data analysis and market forecasting, and I provide actionable insights using a wide range of technical skills, including Python, Dune Analytics, and data visualization tools. I have significant experience using Web3 tools such as Etherscan, Glassnode, and Chainalysis. Professionally, I've worked on various blockchain projects, contributing to significant increases in investment success, user engagement, and revenue growth. For example, I conducted in-depth research on blockchain startups, resulting in a 20% increase in successful investment decisions. I'm currently looking for a full-time, part-time, or freelance position as a Web3 Data/Research Analyst. If you're interested in working together, please contact me.

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