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Creative & Enthusiastic Web3 Full-stack Engineer | Professional with JavaScript/TypeScript/React/Python

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* Feedback from clients...

- Takeo is an amazing developer who's extremely dedicated to his job. His robust knowledge of web3 & web2 programming, along with his passion for problem-solving was impressive, to say the least.
Takeo helped in developing complex scripts to help us generate metadata & art for RatDAO. His patience and problem-solving skills also shined through in the smart contract development of our NFT mint. Takeo helped us launch a smooth, pain-free mint with zero hiccups.
Aside from the smart contract development, Takeo's support along the way was great. He went above and beyond for us when we needed it. I knew I could always count on him for help when brainstorming new ideas, fixing bugs, and additional smart contract development.

- Takeo was the incredibly talented dev for our 'just for fun' NFT Project, SOL Summer. Takeo is incredibly smart and on top of current happenings. Whenever we ran into a sticky moment, Takeo troubleshot the issues and came up with strong solutions. I look forward to working with Takeo again soon, and you'll be lucky if you work with him too!

- Takeo was very professional and amazing to work with. He was very detailed and saw the project through to the end. Very knowledgeable w/ Rust and Candy machine! Really appreciate Philip's assistance with our project!

- Takeo and I worked on an NFT project, actually a gaming & metaverse ecosystem. He is a great developer. I recommend him.

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