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Detail-oriented Cardano developer with expertise in smart contract programming using Plutus and Plutarch, skilled in crafting secure and innovative decentralized applications on the blockchain.

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Dr. Mazen Khaddaj
📍 Lebanon | 📧 [email protected] | 🌐 GitHub

I am Dr. Mazen Khaddaj, a dedicated Cardano developer with a rich background in both science and technology. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Physics and a Doctorate in Medicine, I've seamlessly transitioned from high-pressure medical roles to the forefront of blockchain technology. Over the past four years, I've independently mastered software development, focusing on blockchain solutions that are scalable and efficient.

My professional journey has equipped me with robust problem-solving skills and the ability to think critically under tight deadlines. With a deep understanding of blockchain principles, I specialize in developing decentralized applications using Cardano, Plutus, and Plutarch. My work includes innovative projects like a decentralized Hexxagon game and a blockchain-based lottery game, which underscore my commitment to leveraging technology for secure and transparent digital solutions.

I am fluent in English and Arabic, and I am passionate about applying my unique blend of medical and technical expertise to drive advancements in the blockchain space.