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Hi there! I'm a Fullstack and Blockchain Developer with 5 years of professional experience based in Padova, Italy. Previously I've worked as a Fullstack Developer at PwC Italy and Confirmo.

I'm an expert at React and have significant experience using Typescript and Node.js. Moreover, I've dedicated myself to advancing my knowledge in Blockchain Development through specialized courses, including MasterZ Blockchain and crypto assets, as well as Encode Advanced Blockchain Developer and I've worked on various Blockchain projects. This dedication has empowered me to spearhead various Blockchain projects, such as crafting a Smart Contract to emulate a decentralized ETF on the blockchain and developing a dynamic Card Market for trading NFT collectible cards.

At present, I'm actively seeking freelance opportunities as a Blockchain Developer. If you're keen on collaborating, I invite you to reach out. Let's create something exceptional together!