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Senior frontend developer with 10 years of experience in designing and building web applications.

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Seasoned and confident professional with background in Computer Science, significant engineering
experience and passion for developing. Proactive, self-managed problem solver. Team player with
entrepreneurial product mindset, strong in communication with ability to perform in a fast-paced
Technical stack
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript
React.js, Next.js, Web3.js, Redux
SCSS, CSS-in-JS, CSS Modules
Styled Components, Material UI, Bootstrap
Cypress, Jest/Enzyme, React Testing Library
REST API, GraphQL, WebSockets
Webpack, Docker
Hard skills
Developing architecture, building and maintaining complex frontend applications along with the APIs and
libraries to speed up development efficiency and improve code quality.
Constructing visualizations to display vast amounts of data with highly responsive user interface.
Analyzing UX/UI and design to offer user-centric and optimized web components.
Developing React ecosystems with REST architecture, micro-frontend architecture and common design
Optimizing applications to maximize speed and scale, improving performance, building features with
minimal latency.
Using a test driven development process to ensure code quality and providing recommendations for
continuous integration to automate routine tasks and increase efficiency.
Soft skills
Collaborating with the executive team, supporting the vision and guiding principles of company,
translating the requirements, coordinating on the priorities and features, delivering roadmap that includes
an appropriate management of technical debt.
Leading and managing engineering teams, hiring, training, inspiring and mentoring developers.
Promoting and building collaboration within the team in proposing innovations and best practices,
explaining reasons for change, analyzing and ensuring code quality standards.
Supervise software development life cycle (SDLC) in agile environment, participating in sprint planning,
grooming, retro and standups.
Managing the technology planning, development process, software codebase, handling maintenance, code
repositories, releases and production issues.
Creating and implementing guidelines for increasing the code testability and enforce code quality,
documenting the requirements, architecture and design proposed to provide the software solution.
Managing a demanding and dynamic personal workload across multiple projects, overseeing the
engineering efforts for specific projects and features.