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As a Blockchain Enthusiast my passion towards learning Haskell started 2 years ago. With my constant dedication and learning I was able to secure a spot for being an individual contributor at the Summer of Haskell with the Haskell foundation. Taking up a Haskell course in Emurgo and now being an intern with Haskell Foundation,I have gained a solid foundation in Haskell . Additionally, my involvement in the project "Structured Error and Error Codes in Cabal-Install" as part of Summer of Haskell has honed my communication, individual work ethics and working in a dynamic environment, which I believe are essential for a successful work experience.

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Hi there! I'm a Haskell/Plutus smart contract developer with 2 years of professional experience based in Toronto, Canada . Previously I've worked as a Sr.Systems Enginner at Infosys and special Assistant at Indian Bank.

I'm an expert at SQL and Java and have significant experience using Haskell and Plutus. I am a certified Cardano Developer Professional from Emurgo and have created a Plutus smart contract for a Todo list as part of my course project.

I'm currently looking for a [PART TIME / FULL TIME / FREELANCER] as a smart Contract developer. If you're interested in working together, please contact me.