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Smart Contract Auditor/Web3 Security Researcher

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I have been working in Web3 space as a Smart contract auditor since May 2023. I have been participating in competitions for a few smart contract audit platforms listed below.

I am at 200 rank for the year 2023.



Ion Protocol Audit:


I have been working to enhance the below skills on top of Solidity and EVM.
a) Foundry for testing
b) Defi concepts like Liquidity Pooling, Staking, Lending and Yields
c) Blockchain Vulnerabilities through Secureum Boot camp
d) ERC standards for Tokens, NFTs, Vaults and Flash loans
e) Automation tools for vulnerability detection

From past experience, I have good experience in NodeJs, NestJs, Rdbms, MongoDb, Redis, queues and application architecture.

I am keen to step up my effectiveness in Web3 security through learning and participation as a team.