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As a full stack blockchain developer at GGEZ1, I played a pivotal role in designing and developing the ReFi blockchain ecosystem. This involved building the blockchain from scratch using Cosmos SDK, including implementing essential functionalities such as minting and burning coins, banking and trading modules, staking mechanisms, and integrating Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) modules. In addition to my blockchain responsibilities, I took charge of creating a user-friendly and visually appealing frontend using TypeScript, Refine, and React. I ensured smooth communication between the frontend and backend by effectively handling API calls with .NET framework APIs. Database management was also within my purview, utilizing SQL Server and PostgreSQL to ensure data integrity and optimization. Moreover, I have expertise in GraphQL, specifically with Hasura, which I utilized to simplify the development of GraphQL APIs and manage data relationships. Overall, my professional experience encompasses end-to-end blockchain development, including frontend design, backend API integration, database management, and proficiency in technologies such as Cosmos SDK, TypeScript, Refine, React, .NET framework APIs, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, and Hasura.