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Software Engineer & co-founder with a knack for adaptability. Excelled in diverse roles from tech to strategy, creating impactful software solutions.

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My academic accomplishments include a successful diploma project on blockchain technology, focusing on Electric Vehicle Sharing. The project provided a practical solution, leveraging technologies like NodeJS, React-Native, Solidity, and Truffle.

Fresh out of university and even during, I've made my mark. I co-founded Ideafy, successfully linking multiple companies with NGOs. I participated in an entrepreneurial bootcamp. Passionate about education, I've mentored over 20 kids in programming, aiding their tech career decisions. At #defineSchool, I revamped the website, enhancing user engagement and call-to-action responses by 40%. Additionally, I've guided three local businesses in the digital realm, developing their websites and expanding their customer reach. Despite a packed schedule, I launched PicoRo on the Google Play Store during my first university year, showcasing my early initiative and software development skills.