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Full-stack blockchain developer with extensive Web3 experience; goal-oriented, quick learner, and problem solver.

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Hi there! I'm a Daniel Márquez with 8 years of professional experience. Previously I've worked as a Blockchain developer in various companies, I consider myself as a full stack web3 developer very goal-oriented and a person that focus on solving obstacles.

I'm an expert at EVM Blockchains integration and also have a lot of experience with Stellar network, I have significant experience using React, Node, Typescript, Solidity, Truffle or Hardhat, Ganache and many other tools for frontend and backend development. I've worked on various Blockchain projects , I've created from NFT minting pages and smart contracts to entire Stellar Anchor implementation with banking systems.

I'm currently looking for a part or fulltime as a Blockchain Developer. If you're interested in working together, please contact me.