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About Me

As a seasoned Solidity smart contract engineer with over 4 years of experience, I bring an in-depth understanding of DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, dApps, blockchain oracles, EVM, cross-chain bridges, layer 2 scaling solutions like optimistic and zero knowledge (ZK) rollups and the wider web3 ecosystem.

With a specialty in Solidity smart contract development, I've contributed to numerous web3 and DeFi projects since 2018 and delivered hundreds of production-ready smart contracts while ensuring best practices and security.

Combining my technical proficiency with a native-level English fluency, I am a skilled communicator, adept at remote collaboration, and always focused on delivering results in this rapidly evolving sector.


Below are some of my key achievements and results:

I built the smart contracts for the Avix Finance protocol, a permissionless tokenized volatility DeFi protocol designed to track the price of VIX on-chain.

For the LongTerm Finance protocol, a tokenized index fund protocol that tracks the market capitalization of the entire altcoin market on-chain, I was responsible for developing its entire suite of smart contracts.

I also developed the MAJR DAO governance smart contract system from scratch, along with a suite of supporting contracts that enable complex functionalities such as NFT minting and staking, liquidity and staking rewards, on-chain data storage, token vesting, and payment splitters.

The smart contracts I've developed have undergone multiple audits by Hacken, a leading smart contract security auditor. Each audit received exceptional scores, consistently above 9 out of 10, with no critical bugs identified. See audit 1 and audit 2 for more details.

During my tenure at TokenFlow, I delivered over 50 custom, production-ready smart contracts for various web3 clients.

Job expectations

I expect to work on exciting tech that will have a genuine impact in the web3 space, and my favorite areas of doing so are currently: omnichain interoperability, layer 2 scaling solutions (especially rollups), liquid staking derivatives (LSDs) and DeFi in general.

Aside from that, I expect that my job will be 100% remote, with the option to get paid in popular cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, ETH or stablecoins, and potentially also the option for the token-based compensation.

Finally, I really appreciate flexible working hours and asynchronous work environment, and if there is one thing that I'd like to avoid, that's definitely the excessive number of meetings that stop everyone from getting anything actually productive done.

If my expertise aligns with your needs, feel free to schedule a call with me directly through Calendly: