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Privacy-preserving tech and Smart Contract builder.

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Hi there! I'm a SGX/Blockchain engineer with 3 years of professional experience based worldwide. A little about me.
I am a South African who enjoys life by living a hardworking, active and opportunistic lifestyle. I hold a Masters in Financial Technology and Data Science under the supervision of Professor Co-Pierre Goerg. During varsity I developed a keen interest for using my degree and engineering concepts as a base for entrepreneurial innovations. Fuelling a passion for start-up businesses, I was part of a few basic entrepreneurial ventures that mainly involve creating brands and selling merchandise online. As I matured, that passion intensified in the channels of privacy- preserving tech, Data Science, Fintech and Blockchain Technologies is now where my interests lie. This has lead to my previous involvement as Head Software Engineer and Innovator at the Algorand-UCT Financial Innovation Hub, and now currently the "unofficial" tech lead at a startup involved in privacy-preserving computations and blockchain integrations called Nautilus. Here I have honed my skills in Intel SGX development in Rust and specifically Pyteal algorand smart contracts. I have also co-authored my first white-paper and hope to do many more in the future!

I have some spare time at the moment and I'm currently looking for a PART TIME / FULL TIME / FREELANCER jobs as a smart contract developer in Algorand. If you're interested in working together, please contact me and we can chat :)