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I've been in cryptocurrency for 3.5 years now. I used to do arbitrage and P2P, but after a while I got a bit bored with that.

Now I'm studying the world of cryptocurrencies in depth. De-Fi projects, how DAOs are structured, their mechanisms and so on. And it's very interesting to me. I like learning complex things about cryptocurrencies and then explaining the same in simple words to those who don't understand.

As for my past experience:
- I was a moderator on BOLIDE for a while.
- I was a moderator in larger communities like Suiswap, zkSync, KYVE, but there I acted as a volunteer and gained experience.
- I was an ambassador for many projects, and even now I am an ambassador for several projects, and there you can't get anywhere without moderation.
- Now I am a moderator and contributor to the Spiral DAO project, but there is not much work there yet.
Experience in creating sprints and quests in Crew3 for a large community. And other fun and educational activities.

Patient, able to find a common language with people.
I respect myself and my community.
I have experience in maintaining social networks and blogs of the project.

By the way, I am creating my own project, every day I think over its idea and technology, I consult with the best influencers from DeBank, and I already know for sure that the main force of my project will be people, i.e. the community.

I am actively developing my Telegram-channel, soon I will start developing my YouTube-channel. Lately I have been devoting a lot of time to DeBank. I believe that DeBank will become a very useful and top platform for all people from the world of cryptocurrencies in the future.
As a moderator, I can also keep an eye on your DeBank account.

I am not afraid to make mistakes and learn new things.
Even though my English is not very good, it doesn't hinder me at all. + I can do regional chat.

In brief it looks like this.