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I am Alex, an accountable and enthusiastic blockchain developer.
.Proficient in developing Smart Contracts, Index Layer, and front-end web development.
.Designed and constructed Blockchain side projects such as a NFT Marketplace and a Decentralized Lottery website
.Participated in the Chainlink Hackathon and collaborated with teammates to develop the GreenGuardian (Crowdfunding) website.
.Have 5 years of Technical Product Management (TPM) experience in the AIoT field.

Proficient in Solidity, Hardhat & Node.js, I’m also familiar with NextJS, React.js, theGraph, GitHub, and IPFS. I have developed:
.Random Rarity NFT and NFT Marketplace
.Decentralized Lottery
.Crowdfunding Smart Contract
.Funding Rate Bot

Having personally encountered situations where contracts were not fulfilled as agreed upon, I understand the significance of establishing a robust and trustworthy framework that safeguards individuals' rights and ensures contractual obligations are met. As a result, I began researching smart contracts and blockchain technology, which ultimately captivated my interest deeply. The introduction of smart contracts, with their immutable and self-executing nature, provides a revolutionary solution to enforce agreements and uphold fairness and trust in business interactions.

Throughout my career, I have been actively involved in various software projects as a product/project manager and developer. In my past project experiences, I take great pride in the "Taipei Water Management Office Smart Security System" project. In this project, I served as the project manager, responsible for communicating with the client, integrating the system development team and AI team’s outputs, and presenting them to the client. This project presented numerous challenges, and I demonstrated strong leadership and coordination skills, successfully facilitating collaboration and integration among different teams. Ultimately, we delivered satisfactory results to the client and garnered media attention, contributing to increased business opportunities for the company. This project remains one of my proudest accomplishments.

Please feel free to contact me anytime via phone or email should you have any questions. I look forward to discussing in more detail. Thank you for spending time reading my bio.