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Proficient Haskell and Cardano Smart Contract Developer

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A well-versed developer who holds an MSc and the EMURGO Cardano Developer Professional qualification. Certified on blockchain fundamentals including cryptography, consensus, protocol tokenisation, scalability solutions, use case analysis and design.

I'm a proficient Haskell and Cardano smart contract developer with a thorough understanding of the EUTxO model. I have significant experience in developing with the Plutus SDK, Nix tooling, and other essential technologies in the Cardano ecosystem including Plutarch, Lucid and the Cardano CLI. I also have experience working as a freelance full-stack web application developer, which spanned 4 years.

Along with my EMURGO certification, I developed a commercially viable order book implementation using the Plutus SDK. I also have experience in testing Cardano smart contracts using property based testing techniques, such as with the Plutus contract model framework. Other programming languages I enjoy working with include TypeScript, Rust and PureScript, whilst being more than willing to learn new languages and technology stacks.

I'm currently looking for a full-time position as either a Cardano smart contract developer, or full-stack Dapp developer. I will also be happy to discuss part-time roles. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in working together.