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I translate ideas into solid products, I also happen to write clean and maintainable code.

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Hey! I'm a full stack dev with with roots in backend and cloud engineering. I have been working with software professionally since 2016.

After I left Handelsbanken and the finance sector ( in 2020, I joined IKEA to bring their IoT gateway to life. When we launched the DIRIGERA IoT hub at IKEA ( in late 2022 I subsequently joined an automotive company called RemotiveLabs ( that is trying to disrupt software in the automotive industry. Parallel to my full time job I always strive to be creative and utilize my free time to the fullest. Since 2018 I have been building mobile games with Crankoid Games Studios ( and in more recent years also blockchain tech. My first blockchain project was a custom off-chain/on-chain NFT contract with an accompanying backend and frontend ( that is capable to scale massively in the cloud.

I consider myself an expert in Java, Kotlin, C#, Typescript/JavaScript/Nodejs/Reactjs and I can handle my own in Go, Python and Solidity. In the backend domain I am entirely convinced in building infrastructure as code and going the cloud first route. When it comes to frontend I always build solutions for both mobile and desktop users, the visual experience and intuitiveness is extremely important and cannot be overlooked.

I thrive when I get to turn ideas in to sustainable products, solve problems and write clean code. My approach is often to try to solve the real problem before jumping the gun. I iterate forward, I do not believe in big-bang releases and do my best to smoke out scope creep. And lastly, user feedback trumps opinions.

I'm currently looking for a part time role (~10 hrs/week) as I am fully committed to my current role at RemotiveLabs.

If my profile sounds interesting, don’t hesitate to reach out! If the timing is off we can at least keep each other in our respective network