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I have a background in fullstack TypeScript & Solidity

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Hi there! I'm a full-stack blockchain engineer with three years of professional experience from Eastern Europe. My experience includes working as a full-stack engineer at Toucan Protocol where I have engineered smart contracts, hardhat utilities to manipulate contracts, and UIs to interact with said contracts.

I'm an expert at TypeScript and have significant experience using Hardhat, Solidity, subgraphs, ethers.js, and other related technologies.

I've worked on various Blockchain projects in my spare time and professionally. A lot of my work is not public, but I can share these public smart contracts:
- abstract away the process of offsetting CO2 on-chain. Taking the caller from USDC (or other tokens) to retired CO2:
- allow users to supply Aave pools and use the yield to offset CO2

I'm looking for part-time contract work (3+ months) as a TypeScript or Solidity engineer. If you're interested in working together, don't hesitate to get in touch with me.