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I am a senior fullstack developer with more than 3 years of experiences in dapp development

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Hi, How do you do?
I’ve read your job notifications carefully and think that role fits me perfectly.
I am a full stack developer who has more than 8 years of experiences in software development. Until now, I developed many projects including Website, Desktop app, Mobile app and dapp.
My main programming language is JavaScript, TypeScript and python.
While I used MERN stack in website development, Electron in desktop app, react native in mobile app. Also I am very familiar with Django as backend framework.
In the past, I worked as a senior frontend developer, a senior fullstack developer and a lead smart contract developer.
Especially, I have enough experiences with developing dapps such as NFT projets and DeFi apps. My main tech stack in dapp development was react, web3, Node.js, subgraph and solidity.
I used MUI as UI kit, redux as state management, tailwindcss for styling, web3.js and ethers.js module for integration with blockchain in frontend development.
Also, I used solidity, rust and move as smart contract language, while using node.js, Django, subgraph as backend.
In the past, I developed several dapps.

These are typical projects I built in the past. - Dex Platform for crypto trading - React.Js, Smart Contract, Web3, Figma - a new DEX for capital inefficiencies caused by liquidity pairs, by using a single token pool model - NFT Marketplace Mint and Auction - React.js, TailwindCss, Smart Contract - DeFi Xion Global cross-chain Staking - crypto shopping up to 100% cashback rewards - Angular, Solidity.

My experienced industry is follow:
E-commerce, SaaS, Booking, Defi, DApp, NFT marketplace, Gaming platform, Metaverse.

My skills are follows:
 HTML, SASS/LESS, BootStrap, TailwindCSS, UX/UI
 JavaScript, ES6, TypeScript, React.JS, Angular, Python
 React Native, Expo, Electron
 Node.JS, Next.JS, Express, Django, GraphQL
 MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, DynamoDB, AWS

My blockchain experiences are follows:
Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, EVM networks, Aptos, Solana
 DeFi (AMM models, Yield Farming, Staking, Lquidity Pools), DEX, NFT
 Smart contract development using Solidity, Rust and Move language

My github is follow:

Looking forward to hearing from you for the further progress.
Best Regards.