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I am a full stack developer having 10+ years of experience in web application development & blockchain development.
I have developed blockchain DAPPs in various blockchain & domain. Check out the following links...

In the above said portfolios, I used below tech stack.

- ICO, ERC-20, ERC-223, ERC-721, IPFS, Solidity, Smart Contract development & audit
- Services based on the Blockchain
- Trading bots for e-currency to exchange | Ethereum | Other coins
- Cryptocurrency & search bots
- Desktop and Mobile Bots for Your Business
- Personalized web analytics for e-currency

- Blockchain stack -
Web3, Solidity, Parity, Geth, Truffle, MetaMask/MIST/Remix, BTC, ETH

- Tech Stack -
Angular, Java, spring, PHP, React, Javascript

- Language stack -
Solidity | Python | Javascript

Courses and Certificates: You can check out all my certificate detail list here... Let me mention a few here.
1. Certified in Blockchain essentials from Cognitive class
2. Certified in udemy for nft beginner course
3. Certified in udemy for solana blockchain development