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Blockchain Developer - Quick Learner - Strong Analytical skills

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I just love tech and programming. Web 3.0 is the next step in evolution of the internet and it really fascinates me, so I started blockchain development.

I started blockchain development 8 months ago with most of my focus on the backend side. I develop smart contracts using solidity and use Hardhat framework for testing/deployment etc. Before using Hardhat, I used brownie for blockchain development.

Smart contract security is highly critical so I always keep security considerations in mind while writing a smart contract.

I can use
- OpenZeppelin libraries
- Chainlink Data Feeds
- Chainlink VRF
- Chainlink Keepers

The smart contracts that I have developed so far are: (many more will be added to my GitHub repo soon)
- ERC-20
- ERC-721 (NFT)
- Crowdfunding
- Upgradeable smart contracts
- DeFi stake DAPP
- Time vault for ETH/ERC-20
- Lottery