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I am a codeBlooded Developer, what gives me a sense of purpose.

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Okeke Francis is a Software Engineer, experienced with Communication Systems, Control Systems, Django | MySQL | Javascript | Python, HTML and CSS, Celery, Redis, AWS, and API Development. Loves building and automating codes to enhance human living.

He seeks to add value and develop a dynamic career by building tech solutions to human daily needs/problems and codes as if his life depends on it.

He got motivated to start a career in programming in 2015 by a friend who was also a programmer at FUTO (Federal University of Technology Owerri) and enrolled to study computer science at UDS (University for Development Studies), Ghana. While in school, he gained a solid foundation in programming fundamentals, which he is building upon to this day.

As a result of his drive to always figure things out, he built his first ever software project, which is an encrypted chat app built with Andriod(Java).

He has developed and deployed many other platforms afterward for different companies and clients, ranging from Web Applications to Mobile Applications (Backend).

He is constantly developing his skills to become one of the best Blockchain Engineers, having worked with Blockchain-based firms and companies.