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Web3 and Smart Contract Developer with more than 5 years of experience.

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Hello everyone. I am a smart contract developer with 5 years of professional experience. Previously I have worked as Blockchain Developer at Pirates World, Nudara,, Kurusetra and other blockchain projects.

I am an expert in web3 development, javascript (Angular in frontend and Nestjs in backend), Google Kubernetes Engine and Smart Contracts with solidity and have significant experience using chainlink, truffle, Open Zeppelin, Wallet Connect, web3.js and ether.js technologies.

I can create contracts for:

ERC-20 token with antibot systems, blacklist, transaction tax.

NFT ERC-721 with randomized rarity systems through chainlink VRF or cryptographic signature.

NFT ERC-1155

Crypto mining system.

Marketplace for tokenized and oracularized NFTs.

IDO/INO Systems.

Lending and Borrowing.


Flexible/Blocked Staking with variable or fixed APR.

Cryptographic signature login systems.

Click to Earns as Cryptomines/CryptoLegions/CryptoSurvivor.

Play to Earns.

I am currently looking for a freelancer/part-time/full-time job as a Web3/Smart contract Developer. If you are interested in working together, please contact me.