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Product creator | UX fan | I’d love to build projects in blockchain.

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I have been implementing ERP systems and enhancing business processes for more than a dozen years. As a contractor, I had the opportunity to participate in projects for the following clients: The Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture (ARMA), Tesco Poland, the Ministry of Finance or the Polish Radio. In these projects I acted initially as a functional consultant, and now I am engaged in the role of implementation architect and as a main support for Project Manager.

Currently, for more than year, I have been simultaneously responsible for organizing the work of the maintenance and development team regarding the solutions implemented for our clients. My main tasks are establishing customer service processes, overseeing project budgets, coordinating the teamwork, controlling the job of other consultants etc.

During my career, I’ve also had the opportunity to lead several startups, where I was responsible for building the product (technology, architecture, data modeling, UX). I was also responsible for organizational and operational aspects in these projects.

**This is what my professional and development path looked like so far.**

About year ago, I came across issues related to blockchain networks. It made me curious and since then I have been closely reviewing various blockchain solutions considering technical, architectural and usability aspects of it. During the past year, I have managed to familiarize myself with various concepts and solutions - mainly from the Ethereum ecosystem. I have also been learning how to program and test smartcontracts in Solidity using Hardhat. So far, I have participated in several bootcamps and hackathons, and in the last EthWarsaw, my team and I won several prizes.

I would rate my current level of programming skills at "Junior Level" and gradually moving forward. At a much higher level, I rate my understanding of various concepts and solutions - including solutions from the DeFi and DAO area, various protocols and understanding of project tokenomics.

As I’ve learned more about blockchain, it matured in me that I would like to redirect my further career to these kinds of solutions. I strongly believe and I am convinced that blockchain will revolutionize our near future. I would like to be part of this process.

I am currently looking for a place and tasks where my skills would be of value to ongoing blockchain projects. If your organization is looking for someone like this, I’d like to recommend myself to your attention. I would be very pleased to get the opportunity to discuss the possibility of our cooperation.