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Hi there! I'm a Web3 Developer with 1 year of professional experience based in South Florida. I recently finished a FinTech program at the University of Miami, and am currently in a program called NFT Talents. Professionally, I have worked as a Business Developer at ArtRKL; however, I have a great deal of technical experience as well.

I'm an expert at NFT Development and have significant experience using Solidity and Web3JS. I've worked on various Blockchain projects in my spare time. Some of the projects I have worked on included an end-to-end NFT Marketplace with Moralis and NextJS, a play-2-earn NFT game, as well as Dynamic NFTs. I also have 3D development experience with photogrammetry, Blender, and After Effects.

I'm currently looking for a Full-time role. If you're interested in working together, please contact me.