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Smart Contract engineer & security auditor.

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Hey! I'm a Blockchain Developer with 1 year of professional experience based in Ecuador.
My main focus is security for Solidity smart contracts and I have significant experience in this field by having solved some Solidity hacking wargames like Ethernaut and DamnVulnerableDefi, and a recent participation in a sponsored team for Paradigm 2022's blockchain CTF. I’m also currently involved in a side project with an international team where I’m in charge of the security analysis of all the smart contracts involved and development of some. I also participate regularly in smart contract bug bounty contests on Immunefi, Sherlock and Code4rena in my spare time.
I also have experience with full-stack Dapps using technologies such as React.js and Next.js for developing NFT marketplaces, a Decentralized Exchange and a course marketplace (among others) for deployment in the Rinkeby testnet.
I am looking for an opportunity to apply my skills and abilities with a full time position as a Solidity developer / auditor / researcher in a challenging, growth-oriented position in the blockchain space. If you're interested in working together, don't hesitate to contact me.