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Hi there! I'm a with Full Stack Developer with 2 years of professional experience based in Portugal. Previously I've worked as a Blockchain Developer at Gamifyou.

I have experience mostly with Javascript/Typescript based projects both professionally and as a hobby, using technologies and frameworks like Node.js, React, Express.js, GraphQL, NextJS, NestJS. Regarding experience with blockchain technologies, I have worked with Hardhat to deploy smart contracts to EVM-based blockchains, mostly Polygon, used both web3.js/ethers.js to connect my app to the blockchain network, and also experimented creating a proof of concept nft marketplace with 0x protocol. Most of my professional experience with blockchain is related to NFT projects at my current company, where I have developed some smart contracts using OpenZeppelin for NFTs, and for the most recent project we have been working on, a NFT Marketplace for Charity Organizations which I am still researching the best blockchain to use to suit our needs.

On my own time I have worked in 2 small projects, 1 is public, and is a inventory management app for 1 of my hobbies, custom mechanical keyboards, I built it from scratch using Firebase for hosting/database, and Node.js and React for the application itself. (

I'm currently looking for a Full Time opportunity as a Full Stack or Back End developer. If you're interested in working together, please contact me.