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After obtaining my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, I began my employment and have a decade of professional experience in the field.
In my current position at DAPP PLAY STORE, I’ve shown a knack for leveraging React, Redux, and Node.js to craft user-friendly web applications. I’ve also demonstrated my ability to drastically improve existing Dapps by identifying bugs, streamlining code, and adding functionalities.

During my career, I’ve consistently delivered results that exceeded clients’ expectations, proven by the following:

• Developed the DApp Play Store MVP product mobil/web version with React, Redux, Tailwind, and React Native.
• Deployed projects on AWS using Amazin API gateway, lambda, Cognito, and RDS.
• Participated GameFi project and designed UI/UX and implemented with modern react technologies, and integrated with Binance Chain.
• Integrated blockchain networks(Etherium, Binance, Polygon) with Ether.js and Web3.js.
• Conductedct tests with JUnit, Mocha, and Chai and built the CI/CD code pipeline using Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform.

Although I specialize in JavaScript, I’m fluent in several programming languages, frameworks, and software. As part of a local initiative, I’ve been using this knowledge to teach coding to teens at a community center.