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I have more than 20+ years of experience in Software Development starting my initial career in C++, COM and then ventured in .net technologies being part of large investment banks in Tokyo.

As part of transition into free lancing, started working in JavaScript based technologies with React on front end and NodeJs as back-end. Over time, transfer to NestJs over Nodejs for better architecture.

Currently, working as lead for development for a startup based in UK with about 10 people working on the project. Has ventured into Blockchain for initial integration, but was latter shelved for regulatory reason.

During this time, I have some exposure to Solidity, Truffle and Web3 to integration and showing on the front end. I furthered this by spending sometime learning hardhat framework for professional development.

I am currently based in India and I spend my spare time look at Ethereum Blockchain and understanding how this is to be leveraged in Metaverse. I want to primarily work on Solidity to develop smart contracts and oracle integrations.

I'm currently looking for a PART TIME or a role where I can help some projects with my experience while gaining knowledge in Solidity to a more professional level. If you're interested in working together, please contact me.

While I have set a date for my availability to a later date, I am available for discussion anytime.