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Tactful and resourceful. Able to quickly adapt and learn to new technology as needed to develop any product

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I'm a fullstack engineer and blockchain solutions architect with 2+ years of professional experience based in Florida. Previously I've worked as a CTO / cofounder at IoDLT and had the opportunity to design and build multiple DLT based solutions there.

I'm an expert at designing end-to-end solutions using only web3 technology, and have significant experience using and deploying blockchain application s. I've worked on various Blockchain projects in both my spare and professional time. I've designed and built the following projects over the years (more have been built, but these are the highlights):

- Axon IoT— IoT-to-Blockchain PoC Device

- ANT$ Protocol—Data Monetization Protocol

- COVID-19 Tracker— COVID-19 Data Aggregation Tracker

- Blockchain-enabled Supply Chain Application — tracked batches of crop from US to Japan for the CBD industry

I'm currently looking for a part time or freelancing contract as an engineer, advisor, or solutions architect for your next web3 solution.

If you're interested in working together, please contact me!