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Creative Full Stack Engineer dedicated to developing and optimizing interactive, user-friendly, and feature-rich web sites and a Passionate skilled Blockchain Developer offering 3 years of relevant experience and a proven track record of success in achieving extraordinary results. Appreciated and commended multiple times by the upper management for efficiency. With a strong attention to detail and accuracy and the important ability to function well in a team setting, I am looking for a Developer job within a forward-moving company.

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First of all, I sincerely hope everyone is doing well and safe from covid-19.
I’m a computer nerd at heart. I’ve been fascinated with computers and technology since I was 5 (I’m 31 now) when my dad first introduced me to the Commodore 64 computer. I would sit in front of our TV set and not only play video games (favorites included Shamus, Frogger, Donkey Kong, Ms. Pacman, and the classic text adventure Zork), but I would read the C-Basic manual with my older brother and learn how to make simple programs.

I had a re-introduction to computers at age 12 when I got my first PC (a Packard Bell 286). I was officially hooked on computer to computer communication when a friend and I called our first BBS and thought we had somehow accidentally accessed a secret government mainframe. “WHAT IS YOUR NAME?” It asked. I gave a fake name. “WHAT IS YOUR LAST NAME?” ….I hung up and unplugged the phone line from the wall. I was scared to death at first, but underneath that fear was a boiling excitement that never really left me; that drove me to learn more and more as the years went on.

From there I started tearing computers apart and learning how they worked inside and out. I also immersed myself web dev and mobile app development.

So I think I am a full stack developer and mobile app developer.

As a full-stack web developer following expertise.
-HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, SCSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, jQuery, JSON, AJAX, PHP
-Bootstrap 3.0, Bootstrap 4.0, Metronic
-Tailwind CSS, MaterialUI, AntDesign, ReactStrap, WordPress
-React.js, React/Redux, Redux/Saga, React Hooks, React strap
-Vue.js, Vuex, Vue-cli, Vue, Next
-Python, Django, Golang, Flask, Ruby on Rails, Drupal, Laravel
-Blockchain, Solidity, NFT, Ethereum, Rust
-Node.js, Express, Nest.js, GraphQL
-MySQL, MongoDB, SQLite, PostgreSQL
-Github, GitLab, Bitbucket, SourceTree
-DevOPS, AWS, CI / CD, Versel

And I have full and extensive experience in
-Pixel perfection and fully responsive across all devices, PSD to HTML
-Datatables with Bootstrap, React, and Vue
-Development of Reusable React, Vue Component, and Directive
-MySQL programming
-Database Design
-Backend Restful API

Almost everyone carries an Internet capable device in their pocket. Just think about that for a minute or two, at the lowest level possible – a worldwide, high bandwidth network that a very large portion of the general population has access to. The possibilities are endless in thinking of the next killer app for this incredible technology available to us all today that could benefit people all over the planet (and soon to be other planets, hopefully! 😉 )

I love where the growing power, capacity and capability of the Internet is headed.
If anyone wants my help, please ping me anytime.
Thank you.