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I am a full stack developer passionate about blockchain technology. I am so motivated to learn about software and build interesting projects.

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Hi there! I'm a junior full stack developer based in Morocco. Previously I've worked as a full stack blockchain developer during a 6 month internship.

I have significant experience using web and mobile technologies (React, JavaScript,Node.js, Flutter, Java, Python). I've worked on two professional Blockchain projects and had fun building some dApps in my spare time. For example I created a web3 end-to-end project upon Ethereum blockchain. It consists on building a crowdfunding platform that responds to some restrictive criteria. I had create smart contracts for that with solidity, I built frontend and backend as well, and establishing connection between all application parts using web3.js.

I'm currently looking for a full-time job as a full stack/frontend/backend blockchain developer. If you're interested in working together, please contact me.