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I have one goal in mind -- immerse myself into Blockchain/Web3 as fast as possible AND get paid in doing so. Well, make it two :D

I wear multiple hats from Developer, Architect, Lead, & sometimes CTO. I have 2 decades of professional experience (1 decade in startups) on either B2B or B2C. My expertise is mainly Frontend/Backend Web Development using React, Vue, Svelte, NodeJS, plus more.

You'll be my 1st Blockchain professional stint :D Looking towards a Full-Stack Blockchain Developer role (w/ heavy emphasis on Blockchain Development, i.e. Smart Contracts, Solidity, Hardhat, dApps, DeFi, etc.). I'm looking for PART TIME / FREELANCER and willing to take Junior Engineer rates. Also open to FULL TIME if you're willing to give Mid to Senior Engineer rates. It's only fair.

My ultimate goal is to become an expert in Blockchain/Web3 in weeks to months (not years). I'm in the midst of building a Blockchain-based Disruptive Tech that will affect 120M users in the real estate investment market in my home country.