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I'm a curious and highly independent developer with a massive background in applied math and machine learning. I am coding for more than 8 years, starting with IOS jailbreaks and games reverse engineering. I'm developing backend for 5 years and managing software development teams for 3 years. I have successfully delivered more than 15 projects as a team lead and tonnes of projects as a backend developer. I have been developing scalable data mining tools, social networks botnets, low-latency APIs, machine learning integrations and more!
My biggest project was online gaming web site (100k+ MAU) for multimillion telecom company. I was heart of both operations and backend development. I have created the roadmap and hired several teams. Since the project was urgent I've designed and implemented the whole backend and protected it from several hackers attacks
My craziest project was Instagram data mining botnet based on 1k+ accounts, mining 1M+ social interactions per day. On a top of data mining tool I’ve developed behavioral research module, which was utilizing the data and optimizing mining patterns.
My funniest project was Tinder style service for searching flats, with interiors style recommendation system based on sophisticated linear algebra approach (Gram Matrices + PCA) applied to VGG neural network intermediate tensors. I've combined it with Approximate Near Neighbors solution by Spotify and made Telegram bot as the interface.
My most valuable experience was teaching others how to code and writing tonnes of educational and inspirational articles about IT.