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Full Stack Blockchain Developer

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I am a BTA certified blockchain developer, having rich experience in developing production grade Smart Contracts on EVM compatible blockchains. As a blockchain developer, I’ve created many smart contracts for different use cases, those included:

• Fungible Tokens
• NFT Marketplaces
• Auctions
• Crowdfunding
• Whitelisting
• Escrow
• Staking
• Decentralized Exchanges and many more.

My experience includes the above mentioned smart contracts but isn't limited to them. I have done R&D and develop smart contracts tailored to the project needs.

Along with this, I am comfortable with MERN stack. I have developed pixel perfect Frontends, connected them with API Backends and further connecting them to smart contracts. I have hands-on experience with architecture patterns, secure coding practices & deep understanding of the tech stacks.

I am looking for a full time role as a Blockchain Developer.Hoping to work with your team !