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Web3 Developer - Solidity, Node.js, TypeScript

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First of all, I think it's more fair for you to agree on price per each project milestone, rather than per hour. I'm open to whatever works better for you.

I started coding in 1993 and worked in software development for most of my career: as a dev lead, a project manager and a founder. I managed development teams. I love the magic of crafting high quality software products, and scaling them to be used by millions of users.

As a true professional and software craftsman, I focus on quality. Clean code, good architecture and test coverage are super important to me. I'm also a big supporter of software development processes that are based on values and principles of the agile manifesto, giving client as much value and flexibility as possible.

While I'm comfortable with different technologies, I can provide the most value on projects which use Solidity with Hardhat and Ethers.js, TypeScript and Vue.js. To see my work, take a look at my portfolio website.

It would be great to have a call to get to know each other and join forces to build a web3 product which your users are going to love.