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Hi there! I'm a Full stack developer with 1,5 years of professional experience based in Brazil. Currently working at Lumx Studios

I'm lean towards front-end but I'm also able to delevop back-end and have significant experience using React, nodejs and typescript. I have also some sort of experience with solidity . I've worked on various Blockchain projects professionally.
For example I helped to create the 55Unity ecosystem, a NFT Project that had store, dashboard and a voting game.

I also helped to develop Seamore which is a analytics tools that has private node and sniping bot.

ReservaX, which is a project with a lot of claims IRL, has also been a part of my experience (mint page, and varios claim pages)

I'm currently looking for a Freelancer as a Front-end/Full stack. If you're interested in working together, please contact me.