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Ladies and Gentlemen,
My name is Kacper Kuźnik, I am a 4th grade student in the IT technician profile. In response to the published advertisement, I kindly request you to work in your company. Working in such a reputable company would be a very valuable source of development for me. I am sure that I have all the necessary skills that you are looking for.
I associate my professional future with the IT industry, which is why I want to constantly expand my experience in this field.
I believe that it is worth hiring me to work in your company because:
• I can communicate fluently in English at the B2 + / C1 level.
• I have extensive knowledge of website programming and cypress test writing
In addition to the above abilities, I also have many soft skills:
• Ability to work in a team, I easily build relationships with other employees of the company and with clients, I am flexible to changes and open to new acquaintances, I quickly adapt to the requirements of other people. I present my thoughts in a clear and understandable way, at the same time being objective and listening to the needs of other group members.
• I am a person very committed to my own development, I spend most of my free time learning new skills, for this education is not a challenge for me, because I absorb knowledge very quickly, even in the most demanding fields.
• I accept constructive criticism well.
For my part, I ensure full commitment to work and will do my best to positively influence the company's development. I will be happy to report at a convenient time in order to answer any questions and present my skills in more detail. I hope that my application will be considered positively.
Kind regards
Kacper Kuźnik