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I write clean, production-level code, enjoy building out responsive UIs, and am creative when building smart contracts.

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Hi there! I'm a Fullstack Software Engineer / Blockchain Developer with 1 year of professional experience based in Boston, Massachusetts. Previously I've worked as a Fullstack Blockchain Engineer at Cinderblox.

I'm an expert at React and have significant experience using Solidity, Javascript, Python, as well as web3 frameworks. I've worked on several Blockchain projects in my spare time. For example I created a fullstack social media application built for the web3 community to collaborate. The application features user secure sign in and authentication with a web3 wallet of choice, the option to set owned NFTs as a profile picture, and edit other aspects of the social media profile. Users can post written content as well as photos, which are stored in IPFS and accessed via a Moralis database. The smart contract was developed with Solidity, tested with Chai, and deployed using custom Hardhat JS scripts. The frontend was built with React and Web3UIKit.

I'm currently looking for a part time or full time role as a Fullstack Software Engineer or Blockchain Developer. If you're interested in working together, please contact me to schedule a call and I would be happy to elaborate on my skillset.