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I am a hands on Architect who has worked on Small to Big size companies and have worked both in product based and services companies for over 24 years now. Still a hands on developer/Architect and enthusiastic about new technologies like Blockchain.

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Hi there! I'm a Hands-on Technical Architect with 23 years of professional experience based in Bangalore, India. Previously I've worked as a Principal Architect at Envestnet Yodlee for 10 years, as Technical Architect at Tata Consultancy Service for over 6 years, worked as Program Manager for 4 years in SeE Consulting Pvt Ltd (Startup) and as a Senior Programmer for over 3 years in Innovators India Digital Technologies.

I'm an expert at Java and Solidity and have significant experience using Java, Spring/Spring-boot, Microservices Architecture, Apache Kafka, MongoDB and Oracle . I've worked on various Blockchain projects IN MY SPARE TIME. For example I created and published Cyrpto coin GFT (Gift Coin) on pancake swap. Knowledge on building Smart contracts with Solidity. Built smart contract using Solidity. Tested with Ganache using Metamask and deployed using Truffle. Have created a prototype on Multichain to solve deduplication problem in storing financial transactions.

I'm currently looking for a FULL TIME / FREELANCER as a Developer/Senior Developer/Architect. If you're interested in working together, please contact me.