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Hi there! I'm a Fullstack blockchain engineer with 2 years of professional experience based in Brazil. Previously I've worked as a Fullstack blockchain engineer at Falco and IsoForce Games in a P2E game called Mouse Haunt..

I'm an expert at solidity and typescript and i have significant experience using hardhat and nextJS. I've worked on various Blockchain projects.

Part of the Blockchain team at mousehaunt, i was able to developed in solidity, many smart contracts such as:

Marketplace V1, V2 and V3 (Solidity, Typescript, Nextjs) - inspired on decentraland, using transparent proxy pattern. This smart contract allow the user to sell ERC20 and ERC721 mouse haunt boosters and mouse heros.

Stashing (Solidity/NextJS) - a smart contract that allows a a player stash their mouse haunt tokens on for a range of days. With a given amount and period stashed, any user can get a On-chain Tier, that it's used in-game to get benefits.

SwapNFT (Solidity/Typescript/NextJS) - I was able to develop this idea in my free time and bring to team. That feature allow players to trade mouse hero 1:1. paying different fees according to stashing tier.

BUSD-On-Ramp - A smart contract that uses pancakeswap router to swap BUSD for MHT. I developed and integrated this feature with the Marketplace, so players were able to buy products in BUSD and sellers receive the money in MHT.

MouseHauntBox - A generic contract for ghost boosters that allows players mint the ghosts by themselves

GhostNFT - A NFT to be used in-game

Bonus smart contracts -

Player Stash - a smart contract that allow players to stash their tokens and mouse and also put them for rent.

NftRental - a smart contract to allow mouse hero renting in a player stash.

GenericSignatureValidator - A robust smart contract that can be use with infinite contracts to validate wallets signatures. Was developed using Ethernal Storage and Transparent proxy pattern. Also implementing encode functions of solidity.

Marketplace/booster/token 1155 - A "god" contract that implements fungible, semi-fungible and nft. And allow selling and buying them in the same smart contract.


i was able to develop with the team all those pages:

- Maketplace V1, V2 and V3
- Stashing
- Withdraw
- Swap
- BUSD On-Ramp
- Burning event
- Dutch Auction
- Home revamp

I'm currently looking for a full time role as a blockchain engineer. If you're interested in working together, please contact me.