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20yrs+ MENA Serial Entrepreneur, Inventor of NFT2.0, Web3 Business Development, GTM, Blockchain, Growth Hacker, Polygon and Ethereum Network Smart Contracts Developer

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- A16z Startup Crypto School (Completed)
- MIT Open Courseware Blockchain and Money (On Progress)

Snapshots from My Career
A Web3.0 Technologist, Entrepreneur & Innovator
During the past 20yrs of my professional career, I’ve been designing and executing GTMs and creating partnerships of disruptive business models for industries including NFTs, CBDCs, Cryptos, Edtechs and e-Commerce. In my latest position in a Web3 startup called Nftania, I was responsible for the following:

I oversaw the development of Smart Contracts as I code solidity myself to make sure that the GTM and utilities are reflected in the tokenomics of the smart contracts.

Participated in the integration between the Backend and blockchain based solutions on Ethereum with a front end python/JavaScript dapp interface.

Led the company’s efforts in engineering a non-pump and dump utility based tokenomics and the gamification of it to entice the NFT community into meaningful and value based asset appreciation while owing the NFT2 ERC20 token

Led the recruitment and partnerships with luxury brands and celebrities’ items to be converted into NFT tokens using Nftania’s authentication NFT2.0 technology, successful on boarded the Legendary Steve Wozniak cofounder of Apple

Worked with product and blockchain teams to develop killer-apps and true utility “value proposition” with NFTs to create physical product authenticity solutions.

Partnered with Twitter, Moralis and Heroku to create a social twitter bade campaign to onboard NFT community member to a crowd sale of NFT2.0 Tokens that eventually tokenize physical assets.

Detailed experience In web3:
Chief Business Development & Partnerships Officer & Smart Contract Developer

Nftania Labs
Background: Nftania’s vison is to tokenize the world’s physical assets and bring them on chain. To create the Internet of Goods economy, Nftania developed the next Gen NFT technology for physical assets, with the integration of computer vision technology, machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology; Nftania was able to solve the last-mile-problem of physical provenance of physical assets (which establishes the robust connection between the digital token and the its physical asset counterpart, to guarantee its authenticity).

Smart Contract Development: hands on experience in developing smart contracts to build tailor made solutions that serve business needs, while applying state of the art best practices of smart contract security, this experience includes tokens airdrop, presale, ICO / Crowd sale, Liquidity pool Creation (Automatic and manual liquidity pool, creation for ERC20 Tokens),Token Development including ERC20 Token, NFT Development: ERC1155,NFT Development including ERC721, Generate-at-mint traits NFT minting, Verifiable On Chain Random Number Generator (VRF Contract), On chain raffle for whitelisting for NFT Minting, NFT Based Application Gating, Vesting, Token Locker, anti-counterfeiting Blockchain-based Academic Certification System.

Advanced Tokenomics: Design ICO/IEO/IDO Process and launch

DAPP Team Building: Integration with backend systems Like, and front end User Interface

NFT Experience: NFT Value proposition creation and utility design. Tokenization of physical assets and solving physical provenance dilemma. In depth market understanding of most famous NFT projects, Deep understanding of NFT industry dynamics and trends, Awareness and access to top NFT industry influencers, Deep technical understanding of NFT technology its Pros, Cons, and its limitations.

Business Development Initiatives:
• Global Leaders Partnerships: Designed and Developed Unique Business development approach Groundbreaking Leader Partnerships: Researched, targeted, crafted story, contacted, created demo, and partnered with Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak to make global announcement of Nftania’s new technology “The world First Physical NFT2.0” asset Researched Created A story to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (For memorabilia), Guy Kawasaki.

• Top Brands Partnerships: Developed a concept for the world First NFT collection for real life physical Watches with metaverse digital twin limited edition of (physical NFT for BAYC holders), similar to what Tiffany did with its jewelry for the Crypto Punks collection holders and LVMH (For Limited Edition Perfume).

• Go-To-Market Strategy (GTM): Created a Twitter based ERC20 token Airdrop each amount for one ERC2.0 token that can be exchanged with one license

• Product Viral Launch campaign: Created a domino effect Twitter based viral launch campaign which align interests of top NFT influencers and NFT collectors with the Launch of NFT2.0 technology. The concept design, smart contracts development, built a team for DAPP front end and backend and twitter integration.

Business Model Innovation: Developed an end to end business model utilizing game theory to align the interests of all stakeholders along with the business goals to build strong community of believers and brand ambassadors for the technology and the brand, this model is built on mixing licensing model for NFT2.0 technology to enable widespread and mass user adoption by tokenizing the licenses of NFT2.0 software in the form of NFTs of type ERC1155 (Nftania Eggs).

Product Development: NFT New Product Development, Product Roadmap development, Product design.