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Seasoned Web3 developer with 5+years of experience - DeFi, tokenization and NFT projects. CV on request.

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Hi there! I’m a Web3 developer with more than 5 years of experience helping my clients stay ahead in the race towards a decentralized, streamlined future. For more than 5 years I have been a visionary and reliable consultancy and engineering partner for more than 15 clients from many different industries from financial services, gambling, banking to healthcare, and the e-mobility industry.

EVM-based networks, smart contracts, Web3 architectures and consortium DLT networks are my specialty and the reason why I may be the best fit for your job.

I’m not offering just my services, but my partnership as a consultant and developer, whenever you will need an expert on Web3, tokenization, and the whole blockchain world.

I’m always available via Email, WhatsApp, Signal, or using Zoom/

Thank you for your consideration
Ondrej Sarnecky