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Hi there! I'm a Solidity Developer with 1 year of professional experience based in Milan, Brescia. Previously I've worked as a Junior Blockchain Developer at "Knobs s.r.l" in Milan and then i worked as Blockchain Developer at "Scaling Parrots" in Brescia.
Now I'm working as Freelance on various projects.

In my work experience i made Nft Marketplace, NFT Collection, Staking System, Lottery....

I have significant experience using Solidity, Hardhat, Truffle, I've worked on various Blockchain projects in my Spare Time or Professionally.
For example I created a Nft Marketplace, NFT Collection, Staking System, Lottery, basic ICO, Voting System, creation of ERC721, ER20, ERC1155, and more

I'm currently looking for a jobs as a Solidity Developer/Smart contracts Developer.
If you're interested in working together, please contact me.