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Passionate and Detail-Oriented Web3 and Blockchain Developer

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Hi there! I'm a software engineer with 7 years of professional experience based in Miami, where I currently run my software development agency. I architect and build reliable software for all sorts of companies, from startups to corporations.

Before moving to Miami I've worked as a freelancer in Milan, italy, where I got to work with many different frameworks and stacks. Parallel to my software developer career I developed a fascination for cybersecurity and I have been auditing companies as a HackerOne researcher (profile: ).

I'm an expert at web and mobile development and have significant experience using modern stacks such as MERN and JAM stack. I've worked on various Blockchain projects both in the spare time and professionally. For example I created a fully decentralized notary (proof-of-existence) system for files called NotarX ( explanation of project: ). I also created more recently two NFT marketplaces, one ethereum-based targeted for italian art galleries called "inartNFT" and another one for a younger and non-technical audience called "dropmints". Dropmints was particularly a great experience because I got to implement advanced patterns such as upgradeable smart contracts and gasless transactions.

I'm currently looking for an opportunity as a smart contract developer or web/mobile developer. If you're interested in working with a passionate and highly energetic engineer, please contact me and let's build something amazing!